About us

SargantanaCode is a project in which you will discover a wide variety of topics related to the computer science, but more specifically topics related to software development, services management, GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows and some free software apps that seem most useful to us and so on. Although this is a Spanish page, and the native language of those who write in here is Spanish, we give the best of ourselves to offer content both in Spanish and English; for this reason, if you find any mistake in any English text, we apologize beforehand and we ask you to report those mistakes, this way we all learn. :) In addition, feel free to discover who currently form the SargantanaCode team.

What is our name?

"Sargantana" is a Valencian (Spain) word which means Sangrantana (a Spanish word for a species of lizard), whose scientific name is Podarcis pityusensis, it's a kind of typical Balearic lizard, but also of the Valencia area. Why the choice of this name? The founder of this project is Valencian, and when he spent days thinking about the ideal name for this project he tried to find a name that remember to his homeland, and came up with the idea of the name contains something characteristic of this area such as those cute lizards that at night you can see everywhere.

How was SargantanaCode born?

First lines of code were written from July 8, 2017, creating a repository on GitHub simply to test the Symfony PHP framework. One day, we had an idea: a blog where we could teach as much as we know about programming and computers to all the people, spreading and sharing the knowledge freely and open. Now this initial idea has evolved to include news and analyze, recommend and teach how to use free software apps that are useful for everyone, are directly related (the most it will be) to the world of programming or not (some interesting utilities).