Opening of the SargantanaCode project

This is the first post of this project which begins today. Our statement of intent. This project aims to be a meeting point for all those who love programming, but also for all those who love computer science.

At SargantanaCode you can learn for free a wide variety of topics related to the computer science, but more specifically topics related to software development, services management, GNU/Linux, macOS and Windows and some free software apps that we find useful and handy in our daily tasks.

The point of this project is to start creating content with courses from the basics to move forward one step at a time. Except in the courses focused to learn how to code from scratch, each courses will end up with a project, so you can easily check the usefulness of the new acquired knowledge. You can find here full courses to learn how to code and also, small tutorials explaining how to do some specific tasks, that will begin and end in the same article, perhaps also any relevant news and tips from free software apps that help us to make our day to day as programmers (or IT’s) easier.

This page has been developed from scratch using the Symfony PHP framework, and how it could be otherwise for those who love free software, this source code is publically available on SargantanaCode's project's GitHub repository under a GPLv3 license, you can check the code and feel free to use it as you wish, always taking into account the terms of the license.

When it began the development of what is now this project there was not even the idea of creating this project; first lines of code were written from July 8, 2017, creating a repository on GitHub simply to test this PHP framework. One day, we had an idea: a blog where we could teach as much as we know about programming and computers to all the people, spreading and sharing the knowledge freely and open. Now this initial idea has evolved to include news and analyze, recommend and teach how to use free software apps that are useful for everyone, are directly related (the most it will be) to the world of programming or not (some interesting utilities).

Finally, we want to comment that although this is a Spanish page, and the native language of those who write in here is Spanish, we give the best of ourselves to offer content both in Spanish and English; for this reason, if you find any mistake in any English text, we apologize beforehand and we ask you to report those mistakes, this way we all learn. :)

From SargantanaCode we hope that you like the way we spread our knowledge to the world (for sure it will improve as time) and learn a lot of new things with us.

Never stop programming!