01/01/2018 SargantanaCode New Courses and Team sections

New Courses and Team sections

For good start the year, and now that we had more free time because of the Christmas holidays, here at SarganatanaCode we wanted to spend some of that time to bring two new features to the website: Courses and Team sections.


First we'll start with the most useful for our users section: Courses. So far the courses (or course, for now there is only one) are grouped by categories. And that's fine, because all the courses belong to a category, but the problem comes when there are other types of articles in the same category: it becomes difficult to find the previous and next article of the course, or a list of articles in which there are only courses. Articles that are related to a course will continue to be listed in categories, but also in the new Courses section, because all articles are related to a category but not everyone why they relate to a course.

In addition, and to provide more useful to the section of Courses, at the end of each article that is part of a course, there is a footer in which is shown a text that warns you that this article is part of a course and in the same text you'll find a link with the list of all the articles form this course, a link to the previous article of the course and a link to the next article of the course. With this feature we get more fluidity when moving between an article and another that relate to each other.


Here at SargantanaCode we always take decisions in the most consensual way, and we try to treat you as part of the same team. However, despite the fact that we always highlight the team and the project above the people who are part of it, these contents are created by people and without these people they wouldn't exist, therefore we believe that we need a space in which you can discover all of us who are part of this project. With this in mind, the Team section was born.

In this section you can discover, ordered according to the date they joined the project, all the members that are currently part of the SargantanaCode team. Each of these profiles have their job in the project under their name (if someone handles more than one task, they can choose the job they prefer). These jobs are not hierarchical because in a project like this, this type of authorities has no sense. Moreover, just as in the author section of each published article, the name of the team members contains a link to their user profile, where you can see all the articles they have written.

Finally, remember: both these changes and all those that come in the future can be used in your projects for free, and you can find them in our GitHub repository, because here at SargantanaCode we believe in free knowledge and open source.

We hope you like the features that we've prepared for you and we also encourage you to write in the comments any suggestions for the project.

And as we always say: never stop programming!

Javi Palacios

Javi Palacios


Computer Padawan and real reader enthusiast. The first day that I code I knew that I wanted to continue programing for the rest of my life. Compiling things on Linux since 2003 and enjoying the stability of macOS since 2006. Free software and technology lover.


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